Divan Beds and Mattresses

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Divan Beds and Mattresses

Getting a good night’s sleep is beneficial to everyone, especially care home residents. Divan beds and mattresses with an open space underneath help residents getting out of bed safely. It also allows hoist access when required. If you already have a mattress, you can buy a divan base by itself, often the cheapest type of bed available. Our compatible range of headboards are ordered separately and fit perfectly.

Moreover divan beds and mattresses are perfect for care home residents who are mobile. A simple bed base and mattress combination with optional headboard styles all contribute to a good night’s sleep.

Renray’s comfortable divan beds are a sturdy bed base covered in a water-resistant fabric. Providing easier cleaning and bed legs that provide an open space underneath for hoist access and easy cleaning.

Renray Direct divan mattresses are an open coil spring mattress design, with a water-resistant fabric for easier cleaning, tested for Crib 5 fire rating required for care homes and sized to fit Renray Divan bed base. Simply affordable comfort.

Choose a headboard sized to fit the single divan bed and mattress, from a selection of headboard styles and wood finishes. All headboards match Renray Direct bedroom furniture ranges and are finished with an anti-MRSA lacquer for improved infection control.
Divan beds are suitable for more mobile residents. Residents with mobility or pressure area care issues are usually better suited to an electric profiling bed.
Choosing Divan Beds and Mattresses for your bedrooms means a good night’s sleep is not far away.