Overbed Tables

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Overbed Tables

Overbed Tables. Bedroom.

An overbed table is ideal for residents confined to bed or chair for long periods of time due to illness or disability. They make it easier to eat, drink and read comfortably and safely while in bed or in a chair.

Overbed tables are narrow rectangular tables designed specially for residents. It spans the bed or chair width and is fitted with castors and a lever or wheel for adjusting the height.

Overbed tables are usually in constant use in the resident’s bedroom. It supports consultation, collaboration and a host of tasks and activities.

Height-adjustable and easy to move, overbed tables provide a just-right surface at the bedside or anywhere within the resident room.

Enjoy Meals in Comfort using an Over Bed Table

To eat comfortably in your chair or while reclining, use an over bed table.

Renray Direct tables are made of strong materials, ensuring that they support the weight of a meal or drink plus other items. Designed for one person to use as a dining table. Also, the flat surface is suitable for activities like reading, writing, drawing or games. You can use it to sort out your personal items and much more.

Easily moved, because the castors glide across the floor and don’t get stuck in carpet. Effortlessly push them between areas. e next. Wipeable and easy to clean too.