Dementia Bedroom

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Dementia Bedroom

Bedrooms are a sanctuary for us all, a place to rest and unwind. Of course a dementia bedroom need more thought. If you’re residents are living with dementia they can be feeling very stressful so getting a good night’s sleep is vital.

It’s also really important that you can navigate the bedroom, without tripping, falling or becoming disorientated.

Fortunately, our range of dementia bedroom furniture is made with features including open panels, which allow for clothing and other items to be easily seen and used throughout the day. Often laying out clothes for dementia residents in the open section in a clear order helps. They can avoid having to look inside wardrobes and drawers and become overwhelmed by all the choice.

Dementia furniture is hugely beneficial in preserving the independence of residents living with dementia and Alzheimers. All our dementia furniture is made with soft, rounded edges to prevent injury from bumps and scrapes. Our colour choices look great and provide important contrast for individuals who struggle with depth perception or loss of sight.

We are offering a great choice of bedroom furniture package deals. Allowing you to save money by ordering all the products you require at one time.

Renray Direct have brought together the most popular items from our bedroom ranges. Offering flexibility and style for your dementia rooms. Packages to save you money, including wardrobes, chest of drawers and bedside units or bed and mattress combinations.