Specialist Mattresses and Cushions

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Specialist Mattresses and Cushions

Specialist Mattresses and Cushions are essentials for any resident at risk of pressure damage.

Specialist or dynamic mattresses, also called alternating air pressure mattresses or replacement mattress systems. Having air cells that alternately inflate and deflate in a cycle to relieve pressure on the body. They are a mattress replacement system meaning they replace a foam or sprung mattress. Designed specifically to relieve pressure and offer immersion to the resident whilst in bed.

Renray Direct’s dynamic specialist mattresses are low profile and when used on profiling beds they ensure extra height safety side rails are not needed. Ensuring compliance to electric profiling bed regulations, thanks to low profile patented technology. Residents at risk of pressure ulcers are prescribed an air mattress to protect them whilst lying in bed.

Mattresses have a safe working load and a max patient weight, showing the maximum weights to be applied on the mattress.
Pressure cushions are specially designed cushions preventing care home residents from getting pressure sores. When seated for extended periods of time residents most at risk are those with low or no mobility due to their age, an accident or illness. Residents sitting for long periods who don’t reposition themselves when they are getting uncomfortable, are also at risk. Some residents have thin or fragile skin and are at a high risk of pressure damage.

Pressure cushions are used on chairs when a resident is sitting out of bed. Providing seating pressure care is essential to provide 24 hour care.
Choosing from Renray Direct’s range of Pressure Care Mattresses and Cushions offers 24 hour around the clock care for vulnerable residents. Giving you peace of mind and protecting your resident.