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Wardrobe – dementia friendly. Keeping life simple with the right style of furniture for dementia users. Making it easy for the resident to easily locate items in drawers or a more open style wardrobe. Also providing familiar safe and comfortable surroundings we can help to reduce anxiety.

This double door wardrobe is spacious and sturdy. The handles are removed and replaced with cut outs. This easy style opening handles enable people to open and locate their belongings with ease.

It’s more than just the bed that’s important. Our wide range of bedroom furniture pieces, from bedside chests to wardrobes and accessories, offer you high quality, stylish solutions. Making sure your bedroom is everything you could wish for.
Whether you’re totally redecorating and need a new set of bedroom furniture. Or just need the odd piece to complement what you already have, you’ll find it here at Renray Direct.

No matter the style and design of your bedroom, we have the furniture to match. From stylish 2 door wardrobes to dementia friendly options. Allowing you to easily find pieces that complement your current decor, or make a statement all on their own.

Finally, take advantage of the many special offers and discounts we have available across our ranges of bedroom furniture by shopping online. To create the bedroom of your dreams for a price that will give you extra peace of mind.
For more information, contact our friendly and experienced customer service team sales@renraydirect.com where they will be more than happy to help you with any queries you may have.