1.     No quotation or estimate given by us (the “Company”), give rise to a binding contract unless an order is placed by you (the “Customer”) and accepted by us. Quotations or estimates are valid for 30 days. These conditions incorporate all the terms agreed between you and us and cannot be varied except by a document signed by you and us on or after the date this contract commences. We exclude all representations made before entry into this contract.

2.     The price of the goods is our quoted price or, if not quoted, that shown in our current price list. Prices include delivery, packing and insurance unless otherwise specified, and are exclusive of VAT.

3.     Delivery shall be made at the place specified or as agreed between us. We do not accept responsibility for delay in delivery time and time shall not be the essence but, we will use our best endeavours to comply with any agreed delivery date.

4.     The goods will remain our property until all monies owing to us have been paid in full and until such time we grant you a revocable licence to use the goods in the normal course of your business. The risk in the goods shall pass to you immediately following unloading from the transport vehicle at the specified delivery premises, unless quoted ex works, in which instance the risk passes immediately prior to loading for despatch from our premises.

5.     You will be deemed to have accepted the goods unless written notice of rejection is received by us within 7 days of delivery. Shortages or non-delivery of goods must be notified to us within 7 days of the due delivery date.

6.     Where any advance payment is required by the Company the performance of the Contract by the company shall be conditional upon receipt thereof by the Company. The customer is to pay in cash or otherwise in cleared funds upon Delivery unless the customer has an agreed credit account with the Company. If the customer has an agreed credit account payment is due no later than 30 days after Delivery. The price for the goods and any associated services is payable not later than 30 days after the date of the relevant invoice. You will pay us punctually because prompt payment is vital to and, a condition of this Agreement and we shall be entitled to charge interest at 3% per month on any outstanding monies. If payment is agreed to be by letter of credit such letter must be irrevocable and unconditional and in terms and with a bank approved by us.

7.     We will repair, service, adjust or replace goods which are proved, within the warranty period, to our reasonable satisfaction to be defective due to defects in material or workmanship, so long as the goods have been used in accordance with our guidelines and have not been altered or dismantled.

8.     You will fully indemnify us against loss or injury (including death) to persons or damage caused by the goods of their use, except for death or injury caused by our negligence and you fully indemnify us of any damage or expense we incur or sustain as a result of any third party claim arising from the goods and you will promptly provide us with details of any such incident. We will not be responsible for any loss of business or profit or for any other consequential loss howsoever arising including delay in or failure to deliver the goods.

9.     You will use the goods only in accordance with our guidelines and unless authorised by us will not permit any alteration to the goods or the name plates. All intellectual property rights and ownership remain with us.

10.   In the event that you are not able to pay our debts as they fall due or have a receiver or administrative receiver appointed over all or any of your assets any outstanding monies due to us will become payable immediately and you will, if requested, deliver up the goods to us. We will be entitled to enter your premises at all reasonable times to inspect, repair or repossess the goods.

11.   Notices from you to us or from us to you will be sent to the addresses provided unless otherwise notified in writing.

12.   If any provision of this contract is deemed by the parties to be illegal or unenforceable under any applicable law or, if any court or tribunal of competent jurisdiction in a final decision so determines this contract shall continue in force without such provision with effect from the date of such decision or such date as the parties agree.

13.   The conditions are governed by English law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts however, proceedings may be brought in the courts of other jurisdictions for the purposes of enforcement of a judgement or order of any English Court.